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Mike Major - Founder of Results. Magnified.

Mike Major

My name is Mike Major. My gorgeous wife hates it when I say my age is “a bit over 30” because the “bit” is starting to get reeeally big, now!

My first sales job was at my father’s home appliance store, in school vacations. After that I moved on to study law – but became a radio DJ instead. Quite a switch, I know, but wearing blue jeans and a T-shirt I could earn twice as much as a graduate lawyer, anyway.

Before long I was selling radio advertising and rose to be Director of Sales for major market stations. I launched a sales consultancy for auto dealers, real estate companies, furniture stores and many more.

But I needed a better way to share the skills I was acquiring. That’s when I joined Ogilvy & Mather, one of the best-known advertising agencies in the world, soon becoming a Senior Account Director. It gave me the chance to explode sales for the businesses with whom I worked.

I went back to the media industry and launched a business showing newspapers, radio and TV stations in 11 countries how to help small businesses succeed. (It makes them better advertisers, of course.)

As a consultant to broadcasting companies I also helped them restructure their entire sales process.

Then the Internet arrived!

I built my first website in 1998. I laugh when I look back at it, but it was soooo cool back then.

Old website screen shot

My first website! (Don’t laugh)

Since that time I’ve worked with business owners (like you) in lots of niches (like yours) to help with their marketing, especially online.

Yes, every business is unique. And yet in many ways they’re all the same.

For example, I’ve learned that every business owner wants to be successful, of course, and yet most of them are so busy working IN their business that they rarely find time to work ON their business.

They need better results. A better return on their investment in marketing.

And when it comes to online marketing I’ve found that almost every business owner is frustrated by the minimal (even zero) Return on Investment they get from their website and online marketing efforts.

I get it: you built a website. Check. And a Facebook page, check. AdWords, check. Maybe you’re even paying an SEO consultant. Check. But for what you’ve invested, you’re badly disappointed by the volume of business you’re getting from this investment.

Sadly, there are many charlatans in the online marketing world (how many times this week have you received a call or email selling SEO services?!)

And there seems to be a new “essential” solution every month: build an app; get on Instagram; build a YouTube channel; invest in Native Advertising; start a Podcast; do Retargeting; make a Pinterest board; use Snapchat; etc, etc, etc.

All this “noise” is bewildering to business owners, don’t you agree? Just to keep up with the rapid changes in online marketing would require more time than you can possibly make available. You still have a business to run!

Luckily, I have the time to work with a small number of business owners each month and help them through this maze. I’m semi-retired now and I’m not looking to ‘scale up’ a solution for thousands of businesses.

Without the day-to-day complications of running a business, I now have time to stay across new developments. And something extremely valuable to you: I have the opportunity to test techniques across a wide range of business categories.

You know what? If I don’t find a solution to a problem for one of my consulting clients, I’ll even get my own software designed when necessary. And – you guessed it – these solutions are only available to my “insiders!”

So now it’s my mission to help a few people like you generate the results you deserve. Better results than you could even imagine.

I know. I’m lucky. I get to follow the sun with my wife. We divide our time between Costa Rica, the south of France, and New Zealand (or Australia, depending on our mood.)

France, Costa Rica and New Zealand

A slide from one of my webinars

But no matter where we are, so long as I have an Internet connection then I can use my skills to help business owners grow and succeed in the rapidly evolving online marketing environment.

That’s why I launched Results.MAGNIFIED.

Says it all, really.

And when you put all of that together, you get someone with a LOT of business and sales experience who’s available to help business owners grow their customer base and sales revenue, using online marketing strategies.

That’s me: making a difference, one business at a time.

Maybe you’d like it to be YOUR turn?

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P.S. Actually, Results. MAGNIFIED. is my 3rd generation website. It first launched as The Biz Advisor in 2012, then I branded it as MikeMajorOnline. In my humble opinion, this is the best version yet for helping business owners like you.