If you’re looking to increase the number of customers you have, or grow your sales revenue, there’ll be something to help you from the free and paid products available here.

Situation Analysis (Free 15min Call)
This is an ideal first step if you’re unhappy with your conversions. Or perhaps you just don’t know how to get started with online marketing! I’ll ask you a few questions which will quickly reveal your situation and help you identify your next steps. I’ll even give you a short action plan.

Fact is, I don’t have the time to do as many of these as I used to. . . but I really enjoy the opportunity to stay in touch with business owners out there “in the trenches!” Schedule a call here.

90 minute Website (Free Online Course)
Yes, there are still businesses without a website so this will help. However, a huge number of business owners are held hostage by their website! There’s not enough ROI from it to justify updating or upgrading it, or else the web design company is too expensive (or too slow) when making changes.

Now you can learn how to create and manage a high-quality professional standard website in-house. Here’s what you’ll learn:

Lesson 1 – How to select your domain names. Tip: you need more than one
Lesson 2 – Find a home on the web for your site. Link your names to it
Lesson 3 – Install WordPress: the world’s most popular CMS
Lesson 4 – Make your website look fabulous, instantly: install a new “theme”
Lesson 5 – Plug in some essential tools in just a few seconds
Lesson 6 – Create quality content with ease
Lesson 7 – Finishing touches – set up an automated structure

Sign-up for FREE and start the course immediately by clicking here.

Conversion Gold (Subscription: $399 monthly)
There’s a difference between “Today Customers” and “Tomorrow Customers” but, unfortunately, most business owners are poorly prepared to successfully acquire either of these.

I’ve built up a system of interwoven platforms to create a flood of high-value new prospects into your business and convert them into sales. Like the law firm who gained 28 valuable new clients in just the first ten days!

I can set this system up for you within just a day or two. But you should STOP your current marketing activity until we have this in place, so you can reap the full value of your existing budget. In fact, for many business owners this is the first time they’ve ever been able to truly measure the results of their marketing expenditure.

Do you want a flood of new prospects for your business? For a fraction of what you’re already spending on your marketing? Click here to learn more about Conversion Gold.

Marketing Makeover (Premium Service: $2,500)
If you’ve read about my background you’ll know I’ve worked with media companies, helping their advertisers to restructure their marketing for better results. I even did this for businesses in Asia, Africa, and Europe!

And it’s highly likely that your marketing and sales process will benefit from a makeover, too. I’ll look at your sales funnel, both online and offline, to create a streamlined system for maximizing conversions and revenue.

This is a comprehensive process, so I can work with only four businesses each month. And you’ll need to apply for a makeover, so we can have a preliminary discussion. That’s because I need to be sure, before I start, that I can at least 10X your investment.

If that interests you then learn more here.

Results Mastermind  (Restricted Access)
This is where you can develop an interactive relationship with me and other business owners who are achieving conversion success. For successful business people, it’s greatly satisfying to have the advice of a mentor and the experience of other businesses available as a resource..

If you’re interested in being personally mentored by me, with access to the other mastermind members, then check for availability here.

(Note: The program is limited to 20 members at any time.)